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Koha-PHP-Extras by drulm

PHP Staff Utilities for the Open Source Koha ILS (Integrated Library System)

Koha Extras - Beta These add ons will require some knowlege of apache/php installation and some minor PHP programming skills for custimization. KohaExtras is a test bed written in PHP for various ideas for Koha. Please send comments as needed to: darrell ulm At gmail DoT org


Pear-DB Pear-Marc Pear-Linked-List


1. Install apache with PHP and also optionally install MySQL (XAMPP is easy) * If the optional MySQL database is installed then upload kohaextras.sql into the database manually * Copy the kohatools directory to your web server folder (htdocs in XAMPP) 1.1. Install these PHP-Pear Modules the proper way for your distribution. a) Pear-DB b) Pear-Marc c) Pear-Linked-List 2. go to file addrkoha.php, change ALL parameters as needed * 2.5 Did you do #2? 3. navigate to to test the install or navigate to http://yourserverip/kohaextras/reports.htm 4. Make a link in Koha to Kohaextras links back into Koha easily since Koha is web based which allows flexibility. 5. if it doesn't work, check all steps again! Optional but a good idea: You probably want to setup an .htaccess somewhere in the kohaextras directory so you have some security for authorized uses.


The GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991


Darrell Ulm (




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